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Friday, November 04, 2005

I just remembered

When I was at my uncle's 50th last weekend, my niece and I were sitting on their couch. These couches, they're pink and flowery, they used to be my grandma's (yes, this is the grandma of my driving woes story), and they're clean and shiny. My niece, she's generally not so clean and shiny. She's not quite 3, that's how they come.

Once we sat down, Courtney noticed the cheese flavoured nuts and bolts on the coffee table. So she got down and picked out a single cheerio. With this in hand, she climbed back on the couch. When you're 3, couches are a lot harder to climb up on than when you're, say, almost 26. It's pretty much a 2-hand job. (You're sick. Sick.) Holding a cheerio makes it even more difficult. Once she managed to get back up, she ate her hard-won cheerio.

And then climbed back down for another.

This kept going on. One solitary cheerio at a time. It was pretty funny to watch. Not because I like watching grandma's ex-couch get full of greasy cheese crumbs though. Rather the opposite. Courtney has been taught, and taught well, that you don't rub your grubby little cheese hands on couches. So when she climbed up each time, she'd have to use the back of her hands to pull herself onto the couch. Well, the back of her hands and her face. And she didn't get tired of it, or figure out that she could stay on the floor to eat her cheerios. I guess part of the deal is that you had to sit down to eat.

I don't think that will ever get old.


  • At 7:01 a.m., Blogger Ruth said…

    Hi, I was just browsing the blogs and came across yours. I love the story about your neice and the cherrios, very funny. Your blog is easy to read and interesting. I will visit again sometime. Have a great day today, then tell us about it later.:) Ruth

  • At 10:33 p.m., Blogger Mike said…

    Kids will do things like that. When they are that young, they are so full of energy that they don't really have to worry about the efficient use of it.


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