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Thursday, February 02, 2006

A lot of rambling and raving

I think I've discovered part of the source of the antsiness that has been in me lately - I haven't been cooking or baking. Since I'm living with my honey's mom and she does most of the cooking (I'm shy around other people's kitchens), I haven't been getting my fix. And it's not agreeing with me. I need to make tasty food. One of those primal urges. You know, the ones that have kept women in the kitchen for centuries. I can't wait till the new place is ready so I can cook something.

Oh, right, that moving thing. So I've already partly moved into my new place. And by new I mean NEW, the doors aren't even in yet. There have been delays by the contractors. So even if I had time to go to my parents' place and root through all the stuff I have in the barn, there'd be no point, since none of the stuff is insured till the fire doors go in. It's kind of a ripoff for Megan and Mark, since they've already taken possession according to the bank which means they're making payments on the mortgage, but haven't actually been able to take possession because of the builders.

I'm going to have to do a lot of rooting through my stuff. I have approximately a house worth of stuff in my parents' barn. And I have to whittle it down to a bachelor's suite worth of stuff. Just the necessities. And by necessities, I mean I already have an entire kitchen drawer stuffed full of spices. It's part of my basic needs. Sorry Jimmy, you need 15 spices to live. Good thing my little brother just bought a house in Saskatoon, he's going to take some of the dishes. And since I got a new-to-me set of dishes to go with the lovely new blue glasses I bought around Christmas, I won't need my mismatched Corelle anymore. I'm hoping I can offload some other house-like accessories on him but he's kind of a minimalist, so I don't know if that'll work. I can always try.

Anywho, that's me in a nutshell. Besides the pottery and singing. Oh, the pottery and singing. I'm going to be singing in the Regina Music Festival, so I was busy trying to pick appropriate songs. I'm not really all that classical musically inclined, so I'm never sure what is appropriate.

I'm also taking a pottery class. I get to make big clay-ey messes. It's a blast. I have a box of clay that I'd like to use up by the end of the class, which only gives me a few weeks. I'm going to need more time than the classes allow, especially since I'm going to miss two of them when I go on vacation.

Oh right, I'm also going on vacation. My family is going to Vancouver Island again this year. Not all of them this time, unlike the major pilgrimage last time. It's still going to be a big group though - my little brother and his girlfriend, my older brother and his wife and kids, plus my parents. We're visiting my aunt and uncle who have retired north of Victoria on an acreage. We're also going out to Tofino and staying in beach condo thingys. I'd say huts but I think they're a far cry from huts. A little too amenitized. And then I'm going over to Vancouver to see my honey. We're going wandering in the markets, that should be fun.

Huh, the things I haven't told you lately. At least I made up for it this time.


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