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Thursday, August 30, 2007

And in other news

I'm back from the wedding/camping/wedding tour. My little brother got married a couple weekends ago:
It was a fun time. During the dance, Jaden ate a dozen or so plums from the centerpieces. I got free grapes to pin on my shirt. Courtney got krills in her hair (not the aquatic kind, like Megan and I hoped for). The several slices of cake I ate were quite tasty. Unfortunately, I didn't get the wedding quilt finished, but it's getting there.

Then Jay and I went camping at Greenwater for a week. It was lazy, and somewhat overcast and rainy for most of the week, and a squirrel ate our table cloth:
Seriously, this squirrel had issues. Twice we woke up to "scritch scritch scritch", and he was scrabbling at the tablecloth. It was lined, so maybe he wanted it for his nest or something. At any rate, it was weird, and amusing. Free squirrel! We also had a free pair of chickadees a couple times. And a large annoying horde of wasps and hornets. Both Jay and I got stung, both of us in the hand, and Jay in the lip.

And then I fell in the lake. We went paddleboating, and it's a good thing they don't let you go out of the marina there. Imagine me attempting to get out of the paddleboat, stretched out between the boat, which was slowly floating away, and the dock. Then the realization that I'm not going to make it, hanging onto the dock for dear life, and falling in anyways. Everything from my underarms down got soaked. Good thing I didn't have my wallet on me, that would have been sad. It was pretty funny though.

After camping, we went to Jay's cousin's wedding in Kelvington. We picked Greenwater because it was close by. The wedding was fun, and the supper was really good. Nothing beats a small town wedding for food. Homemade cabbages and perogies.

After the wedding, we went to Jay's parents' place to return their camper. Then we went to the auction in Fort Qu'Appelle and bought a couple dining room chairs and a love seat. I love that auction. Two chairs for $5 each, dark mahogany wood with metal slats and leather seats. We could have had a full size black leather couch for $150, but I didn't want to buy leather without sitting on it first (it was leaning against the wall). Heather's sister was there and got a really nice plum leather love seat for that price. I wanted it, but Jay would never go for that colour. Oh well. We got a tan microfibre love seat, which goes pretty well with the couch we got from a previous auction.


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