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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Oh. And also

I just got back from a trip to the farm, where I was instantly beset by complete and utter laziness. That's why I tried to get together with Gilly before I got there. Unfortunately, he was out at Leanne's parents' place, so I had to make alternative visiting plans. And once I got to the farm, we were attacked by family most of the rest of the week. This threw off my Gilly-visiting plan, and got me started on my lazing-about plan. It's easier to do. And it continued till I left.

I hate getting sucked into Facebook. It makes me forget what I was originally doing, or going to do. Such as: giving an account of myself and the week at the farm. Because I know you're all clamoring to hear.

I played with kids. Gods knows why anyone would let me do that, what with the traumatization and all. I was going to go tenting with Jaden and Courtney, but I procrastinated and then it didn't happen. That'll learn me. Maybe, if I'm lucky. I held my latest nephew, and got spit up on twice. Then I had to do laundry.

I helped Mumsy take lilies to the show in Regina, and she put my name on some of the entries. So I might win things! Like prestige, or funny looks, or something. Probably not much more than that though. Mom said, and I have to agree, that it's a pain and she most likely won't be putting any in again. Partly because it's a pain to try to take a whack of lilies for an hour's car ride without having them look like I sat on them. And partly because I had the brilliant idea of putting about 10 full wine bottles (with lilies in the tops) into a box, taping them in place, and then trying to lift the whole schmozzle into the car. The box broke through, and there was a disaster as a bunch of lilies went smashy smashy. Fortunately, none of the bottles broke. And we had more lilies we could cut. I think I should never be allowed to have brilliant ideas any more. I'm cut off.

On the way back, I stopped at Lisette's place of work, and she streaked my hair. It's awesome. Someday, once I've washed it, I'll have to take a picture to post. I'm now as close to blond as I will ever be. I also had a carpal tunnel test. They hooked me up to some pokey things that sent current through my fingers, and then tested the reaction of my nerves. And let me say that I would never want to have that done again. It felt like when I scratch or otherwise accidentally touch the nerve running up my wrist. Makes me twitch and blink a lot, and want to scrunch up my hand. Relax, my ass. And then I forgot to drop off the stuff I was bringing up for Lisette and Kerry. By the time I remembered, I was at the far side of the city, that it took me half an hour to get to, not even during rush hour. So I gave up. I only have so much super power, and it had run out by then. Sorry kids.


  • At 7:10 p.m., Blogger mēgan said…

    You only got spit up on twice?? How is that possible?!

    Good news on the lilies, there were 4 firsts and 6 seconds! The only one that didn't win anything was the one Grandma and the other Lily Lady said was beautyfilled.

  • At 9:29 p.m., Blogger Amy said…

    See, miracles do happen.

    Wow, that's impressive. They must have missed all the chewed on spots. Which one had the lovely tone?

  • At 11:22 p.m., Blogger mēgan said…

    I'm not sure, I think a dark red/blackish one? Maybe? The judgey folk said it had that Paisley-disease (or whatever it's rightly called) where it's a big thick wall with lots o' leaves and buds, but Grandma said they were all fools.


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