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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Mini quilt

So one of my nephews had a birthday recently.  And by recently, I mean a couple weeks ago.  I'm a horrible auntie.  I didn't even remember about it till about 10 days after, and then it took me a few more to decide what to do.  Decisions are my kryptonite. 

So this weekend I made him a mini quilt.  He requested, last time I was at the farm, that I put a kitty on it.  And also make him a stained glass with a kitty.  Small demanding child.  So I made this:
It's about 8" by 10" - a lovely pot holder if/when he stops needing to cover his stuffed toys with it. It's also about as stiff as a pot holder, but I'm sure after a few washings it'll soften up. 

So I'll mail it tomorrow, along with the letter I started writing to my little sister a month ago.  I'm not just a horrible auntie. 


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