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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Bits and Pieces

The phrase "bits and pieces" will never fail to amuse me. It's a term used widely in New Zealand to describe the same things as we would use "stuff" for. But you have to say it with a Kiwi accent. That'll get me snickering in no time.


In other news, I'm finally registered for my DSP class. I went in early Friday morning and asked them nicely if they could look into what happened to my registration. Yes, it was on the desk of the Associate Dean of grad studies, waiting for his signature. But I was reassured that I would be registered and put into the system once that happened. Right. I've discovered that if you want anything done around there, you pretty much have to walk the administrative staff around to the various places and watch them do things, or it would take SEVERAL MILLION YEARS.

I had choir yesterday, which ended up being a bit of a disaster. As usual, it was freezing, so I got some tea at the break. I pulled out my music, was following along as we listened to the piece being played, turned the page successfully without dropping anything, then grabbed my cup to write something down. And the lid popped off, spilling tea ALL. OVER. THE. MUSIC. In the ensuing trying-not-to-attract-attention shuffle, my pencil got appropriated by my neighbour, the tea soaked in while I tried to set down the still half-full cup and stick the lid back on without spilling more, and I lost all semblance of dignity. Okay, maybe I never had the dignity thing going. But I was frazzled for the rest of the practice, so much that my sight-reading capabilities, which are fairly decent when I'm not freaking out about dumping beverages all over music that doesn't belong to me, disappeared completely.

I've been rather crusty at work lately. It's really depressing me that I haven't heard anything back from all the jobs I've been applying for. My mom made the point that it would be rather hard for me to take a job right now considering all of the activities I'm involved in. Which sure hasn't helped anything.


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