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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanks gravity

Heather made a pan of butter tart squares tonight. Actually, she made 2 pans. The first one got too hot when she was putting it in the oven, so she dropped the pan, which immediately spilled all over the oven door. Most of it went directly into the crack. How many people do you know who have picked raisin goop out of their oven crack? So she scooped what was salvageable into a bowl and washed the pan. It would have been wasted, but I pointed out that she could just dump it into a pan and cook it anyways. So tonight I ate oven-flavoured butter tart squares.

Mmm, tastes like crack.


  • At 10:40 p.m., Blogger mÄ“gan said…

    did it also taste like croast?

  • At 8:07 a.m., Blogger Amy said…

    It was croastrific. In a croasty kind of way.

    Your face does.

  • At 7:58 p.m., Blogger Gilly said…

    I am surprised you didnt bring them to work

  • At 1:26 p.m., Blogger Amy said…

    They're not my squares, so I didn't bring them. And besides, I ate about two thirds of the pan, so after Heather had her share there wasn't much left.


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