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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Census amused me

The Statistics Act guarantees the confidentiality of your census information. Only if you mark "YES" to this question will your personal information be made public, 92 years after the 2006 Census. If you mark "NO" or leave the answer blank, your personal information will never be made publicly available. If you are answering on behalf of other people, please consult each person.

I'm not quite sure why they have to wait 92 years. I also don't understand why people would choose no. Really, will my dessicated corpse care in 92 years if someone knows where I lived? By that time, identity theft won't be an issue.

Also, my favorite question from it:
Is anyone listed below a farm operator who produces at least one agricultural product intended for sale?
(crops, livestock, milk, poultry, eggs, greenhouse or nursery products, Christmas trees, sod, honey, bees, maple syrup products, furs, etc.)

I should sell sodden furs, or bee syrup maybe.


  • At 2:39 p.m., Anonymous Stanley Stinklebaum said…

    I don't understand why anyone would say 'yes'. Information is currency and I'm not interested in donating anymore to the government. If everyone said 'no' would that mean there would be no record of us? Would historians find a blank space about the year 2006? No...but a wee bit of mystery wouldn't hurt.

  • At 5:59 p.m., Blogger Amy said…

    I said yes to be nice to future relations who want to do family tree searching. You don't actually enter a lot of personal information in the census. I think the only things they get from it is my name, current (temporary) address, and age. Oh, and whether I sell cow hides coated in honey. If it was explaining in detail my habit of saying odd things in public, or how I make idiotic faces when talking on the phone and sort of expect the person on the other end to see them, or anything else embarassing, I'd be a bit more concerned.


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