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Monday, December 18, 2006

Some days I just won't shut up

This morning, in between me babbling extremely odd things, Jay mentioned that I'm quite talkative today. If it continues I'll just tell everyone that my boyfriend was down, that seems to work.

We had my dad's side over for xmas dinner yesterday, except most of them couldn't make it. But it was a good time with way too much food, which is normal for my parents.

Courtney has this new trick where she has to hop scotch down the alternating tiles in the hallway at mom and dad's place. Every single time she goes down the hall. It's hilarious. I need to start hop scotching everywhere I go. Someday my knees will come... (to the tune of "Someday my prince will come", in that Cinderella/Snow White voice)

She also leeched onto Jay about halfway through the evening, after refusing to even look at him at first. Jaden finally started warming up to him at the end of the evening, but still wouldn't get too close. He's a lot more shy.

Speaking of knees, I got an appointment already for the knee specialist. However, I have the feeling I'm going to be in the waiting room a long LONG time, as it's at the cast clinic in the hospital. Ah well, such is the price I pay for wanting to walk, eventually, without pain.

Oh, and also, I'd like to apologize to H in advance for possibly forgetting her birthday. Sorry (maybe) dude. I may or may not have already gotten her a gift. I'll just confirm that tonight.


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