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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A week ago, I returned from a jaunt back home. Jay and I went to a wedding (a friend of his from high school), then while he came back to work I went visiting friends in Regina and stopped in at the farm. I was originally planning to stay longer but I got a call for an interview so came back a bit early. I'm really glad I got to see as many people as I did, usually I'm too busy avoiding calling people to actually see many of them. Hooray for forcing myself to do things!

And on the way back, my sister-in-law gave me the best haircut EVER. It's the right length, and exactly what I asked for. I don't think, other than simple trims of the mullety part in the back, that I have ever gotten exactly what I asked for in a haircut. Plus I seriously love not having to deal with random hair people.

For the past week, even though I swore I was going to Get Things Done, I have been doing a lot of couch napping and TV watching. It's quite lovely, except that I've been sick with the plague again. Even allergy pills cannot keep away the plague when I'm in contact with other people's animals.

Speaking of which (however, NOT the cause of the plague, Mom), we got a kitty.

He's very sweet. His name is Roly. He is even more friendly than Fishy. We got him on my assumption that we will have removed the carpet from the kitchen, living room and upstairs hallway before he starts shedding in earnest. I hope you are all crossing your fingers that I get a job so we can afford to replace the flooring. Thanks.


  • At 6:06 p.m., Anonymous Alison said…

    Please post a picture of you and your new awesome haircut!


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