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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Turns out I actually do know how to write

Hi, I'm Amy, you might remember me from how I used to write here once in a while. But perhaps not. When I get busy at work, I stop wanting to talk to people, including the internet. Sorry internet.

So here's what's up:

This is my friend, Fishy. He's subtly pretty, and constantly hopeful that I will feed him. I'm not allergic to him - best pet ever. The one on the right is what he actually looks like when the camera flash isn't bringing out his shiny goodness.

Jay and I have done more renovations. Our basement looked like this when we moved in:

Our basement now looks like this:

I miss the shag carpet on the ceiling a bit, but not any of the 11 kinds of wood paneling. The only thing left is to stain and install the stair steps and railing.

My parents were down for a bit this week, they awesomely helped take down almost all of the wallpaper upstairs. The only reason we stopped is that I couldn't handle the thought of any more wallpaper removal on Friday.

The walls under the paper are mental-institution-green and pee-yellow. In ultra-high-gloss, which is rather frightening. We're going to work on that. Oddly, the yellow is growing on me (not that shade, but yellow in general). I may use it as an accent wall colour, and then could match cushions and curtains to it. Not sure yet, still in the throwing-around-ideas phase.

And things may be brewing on the job front for Jay and/or me - more on that if it actually happens.


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