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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Back from the dead

I'm back from my vacation. It was good. I got to play with my honey and see St. John's and area. Also I drank more this past week than I have in the past couple of years. Combined. Hi, I'm a big loser.

And I spent a small fortune, approximately two thirds of what I've managed to save in the past few months. (cough-my mom also gave me a bunch of money as I'm not very good at that making car payments and saving-cough) Did I mention my mom is my hero? For giving me the way to live beyond my means.

As for the sights:
- Went up Signal Hill, the old fort/battery guarding St. John's harbour. We went at dusk and again before sunset, and had a gorgeous setting for seeing the Atlantic Ocean and St. John's. Hopefully my pictures turned out. I really need a digital camera so I don't have to keep crossing my fingers.
- Went on a whale and bird watching boat trip through an outfit called O'Briens. They did a really great job. The trip is billed as 2 hours, but we got 2.5 due to their generosity and insistence on giving customer satisfaction. We saw humpback and minke whales, the humpback being only about 30 feet away. We also saw a plethora o' puffins and terns and gulls. And the tour guide sang to us! It was great. Newfies really do all have some musical talent. Amazing people. To use a Newfie-ism, they're the best kind.
- Went to Cape Spear, the most eastern point in North America. Beautiful place, and not too far out of the city. There's a battery there too, lots of history in the city and area.
- Was down on George Street, 3 times. One of the bars we hit, O'Reilly's, is one of the older buildings in St. John's. Even while drinking you get smacked by character and charm.
- Drove out to Harbour Grace and saw the SS Kyle in the harbour there. Stopped in at the museum there, they had some information on the pirate Peter Easton and a lot of old period stuff. I even learnded things on my vacation! As usual, W was a font of historical information that I would never have expected him to know. But then he's a big trivia buff. We also went down to Brigus, in the hopes that their blueberry festival had started, but we were a day or two early. Very sad, since blueberries are so tasty. Ah well, something that also grows in Saskatchewan. But we wandered around the town and went through the tunnel there. W made the comment that there's probably been a lot of sex had at the end of that tunnel.

We also went out to Conception Bay South one afternoon for a cabin party drunkenly promised by a friend of W's. Good times were had by all. There was drinking and barbecuing and swimming, and the wrecking of host J's parents' seadoo. Just temporary damage, happily, but after a few minutes of zooming fun it ran no more. Probably for the best, since after that the drinking started.

There was also some moving of furniture and some rushed last-minute and last-second packing in order to get all W's belongings either stored or stuffed into bags to go with us. And I whipped up a lovely fleece duffel bag for him. By hand, no less. And it survived the trip, which shocked and amazed me. Although this was mostly due to the marvelous powers of fleece, and not to my sewing capabilities. But it seems pretty durable, if prone to picking up grass and sticks and small children. Plus it's about the size of a sleeping bag, so after picking up those children you can also store them. And, as W pointed out, it's nice and comfy for laying on while waiting in airports between flights.

Anywho, that's my trip in a nutshell. A rather large and rambling nutshell. Hey, I don't make the shell, I just have to squeeze into it.


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