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Friday, September 24, 2004

And he made light ... and then took it away again

The power was off this morning. My roommate helpfully pounded on my door at the time I would have gotten up had my clock not died a fiery burning death from lack of juice. It was an hour before my showering time because I've started using the elliptical trainer again. But I figured I'd get up anyways. I never really get back to sleep when I'm trying. Not that I was about to exercise with no way to clean up after sweating.

So I made my lunch and talked to H. Then just before she left for work, an hour before I did, the power came back on. I finished up my lunch and wandered into the shower. I was thinking that it would be kind of funny if the power went out while I was in the shower. It's absolutely black in our bathroom without the lights on.

I had just put the shampoo in my hair when the lights cut out again. It's a good thing our water heater runs on gas.


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