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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Political annoyances

From this article:
Americans have a sweeping global role to play in ending tyrannical regimes, President George W. Bush said Thursday in a tough inaugural address that emphasized his anti-terrorism fight as a wartime president.

I almost threw up. Oh, you mean tyrannical regimes such as the American one, where the president got into office by cheating and lying, continues to do so, makes decisions despite the facts and public opinion, and has innocent citizens detained while ignoring their rights? Wartime president? Again, only because they made up a war based on lies and don't have the balls to admit they're wrong or to back down. Yes, you were attacked a few years ago. But going to other countries and attacking their citizens is not "defending yourself", as he later goes on to say. Fighting terrorists in your own country is one thing, going to other countries is another. Since when does US law apply in other countries? George Bush didn't like it too much when other countries came to his nation and attacked, why would he assume it's okay to go elsewhere and do the same? If those people were terrorists, then so is he. Just because he's American is not an excuse to ignore the other side.

End the tyranny, vote out George Bush.


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