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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Because I know you wanted to hear me babble

I had a rather weird day today. Evidently I haven't told a lot of people that I'm planning on moving back to the farm, or how I'm planning on moving in with my honey. Or at least not forcefully enough, because I had several instances today of people telling me I should do such and such a thing. In one case it was accompanied with "even though you want to work on your singing stuff." Obviously other people know what I want to do better than I do. I hate being told "You should..." For once in my life I actually know what I want to do, leave me the hell alone.

Oh right. I plan on moving back to the farm after my contract here is up. I've already given notice on my apartment and okayed it with my parental units. I want to focus on my voice exam, because otherwise I will not be able to pass, because there is a serious amount of shit I have to know and be able to do for it. And once I'm finished that, I'll be moving to Lloydminster to live with my honey. I've also okayed that.

Look at me go, I actually have plans for the distant future. Yes, that is indeed my definition of distant future. My puny brain (actually, I just like to say puny brain) can't comprehend anything much further than a year or two. Well, it can, I just prefer not to. Takes too much effort, and has too much potential for worrying.

And also my honey and I, and his sister and cousin, are going on one of those all-inclusive week long resort packages to Cancun. It should be fun. And vacation-y. I'm excited.


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