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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm not here to complain, for once

I am instead here to share my joy and excitement. I bought stuff! Cheap stuff, but hey, it's mine now so I'm excited! I bought two pairs of jeans, five t-shirts, a sports-type outfit because I needed ball pants, a tank top, three pairs of shorts, and a rain jacket. Walmart, Zellers and Sears, and mostly on sale, so I got a deal. I have a whole new wardrobe, and it cost me relatively little. I really needed it. What with the recent getting fat (okay, not recent, I've just been in denial, and really tight pants), I didn't have a lot of clothes that fit. And now I don't need to squeeze into things, it's great.

Oh, and today I bought a plant, a Little Gem Norway Spruce. It's little and cute and soft. I made Jay pet it when we stopped in at work one day. I'm putting it in the soon-to-be flower bed at the front of the house. Now all I have to do is make the flower bed. That was going to be tomorrow's job, but then it rained unexpectedly today. I can still do some of what I planned, like measuring and getting peat moss, but the actual work will have to wait. I also want to put in a Sensation lilac, but that has to wait till next year, since work only orders plants once a year. I'm hoping to put in some lilies from Mom this fall, and I'm going to keep my eyes open for a pretty rose. I'm also debating a bleeding heart (on the too big list right now), a seedum of some sort, a hydrangea (there's a smaller bluish one at work), and some creeping thyme. I also want to leave room for some annuals. I should have johnny jump up seeds coming from the ones I bought this year, which makes me happy. They're multi-coloured. I have a couple tulips (I doubt they'll winter, but whatever). And I want sweet peas. And hopefully snapdragons, morning glories, and some of the other seeds I bought this year. So many plans, so little space/time.

My list of things still to do:
- measure flower bed edge and around big spruce so I can buy edgers from work
- buy peat moss
- buy topsoil
- plant my cute little spruce
- buy hydrangea and plant it
- buy crushed rock for around the big spruce out front and along the edge of the driveway
- decide where to put the lilac next year

Jay's buddy and his wife just bought a tent trailer, we were over last night to see it. It's really nice. It's only a couple years old and had hardly been used. Now I want one. Although for most of this summer I'm working too much, we wouldn't make much use if we had one. Oh well. Maybe next year.


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