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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Stuff I would have posted about earlier, except I wasn't sick

I'm sick again. I say that a lot. Really, I don't like to post unless I'm sick, it's a complaining-outlet thing. Luckily for you, I have another happy ear-sinus-throat infection. But don't worry, when I went to see the doctor he told me that they usually go away within 48 hours. I had to laugh. I've never had an infection in my life that lasted less than a week, and also it's already been going on for 2 weeks now. Unfortunately he's good at hiding behind the lie that he doesn't really understand english. So I should come back on Monday. Yes, please let me waste more of my time.

Now that I've started this other new job, I'm finding it hard to say no. And so I'll be working as much, possibly more, than I was previously. I need to be less of a pushover, and more of that bully-type thing I was once erroneously accused of. Or maybe just not a complete pushover.

I was reading a British novel a while back, and it talked about someone having a herpes on their lip. I was shocked and horrified, and rather pleased. North Americans pretty up their ugly health problems. It's not a cold sore, you have herpes on your lip. Suck it up. The British know the truth, and they're not afraid to say it.

I went to a baby shower yesterday, and there were two notable things, other than that women here are rather snobby. One chick had a chocolate fountain and it was the awesomest thing EVER. It was like a crock pot specifically for heating and cascading chocolate. I want one. Mostly to bathe in. The other amazing thing was the amount of pink baby clothes. That baby will have an outfit for every hour of the day, every day of the week, till she grows out of them all. There were also a lot of other gifts. They had to put most of them into the baby's crib, since they live in a small house. I thought the new father was kidding when he told me the baby would be sleeping in the car seat for a while, but he really wasn't.

Which reminded me that I need to go shopping. I never seem to have clothes to wear. At least not clothes that fit. I keep vowing to lose weight, but so far the best I can do is steadily not gain. Which means I still need some new clothes, other than fleece and flannel pajama pants. Sadly, buying things costs money, and takes time and effort, none of which I want to spend. I hate shopping. I'm a throwback and a disappointment to women everywhere. I wish nice fitting clothes would simply fall into my lap. I need "What Not To Wear" to discover me. They'd do that quite quickly if they ever saw my fleece pants. To the Decent Pants-Mobile!


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