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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter weekend

For Easter weekend, I went out to the farm. It was good, all my nieces and nephews were bigger and we had some fun. I helped Courtney and Jaden make (demented) pom pom bunnies:

We dyed eggs, I played with kitties (Hey, guess what, I have the plague now! Are we surprised? No.) and kids. Lots of chocolate was eaten, and there was cake! I also helped Jaden and Courtney make things out of clay. Hopefully some day I'll fire them. Jaden made a vase, and I helped Courtney make a few small things. Lisette also made a funky vase-type thingy (I apologize if it wasn't a vase). I was going to make a vase that morphed into a bowl, but it was getting dry so I morphed it into a mushy mess. It's all fun and good.

Oh, I forgot, before Easter I got this pretty hydrangea. Good thing Mom and Dad came out to our place, or it would have dried up to nothing. I didn't realize they use so much water while flowering.


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