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Saturday, June 06, 2009

How things go

I went back in for a second round of bone spur grinding, and it's finally bearable. Now I just have to hope that my monstrous food-catching hole closes in. I have a feeling my wishing isn't going to work, it's a rather large hole and it's been a week already. Oh well, can't win them all, especially in battles with my dentist (or so it would seem).

Work is starting to wrap up, thank heavens. I've been ready for summer vacation for a couple weeks now. End of June, baby. I've been officially offered the job again for next year, and have also officially finished the 1st year monitoring process. The guy who watched me gave me rave reviews. This shocks me, because there's so much I need to work on and fix, on multiple levels. But he seemed to think that I did fine, and he's the expert, so who am I to nay-say?

I was all excited to start taking my B.Ed. next fall here in town, but since have found out that it is only geared to people who aren't me - they're only offering classes during the day, and they won't offer the first year classes again after next year as they want to see how the program goes. Thanks for coming out. And after all the reassurances I got that they would definitely work with me, they were going to try their best to wrap their schedule around my work hours. I know they meant well, but I'd rather have realistic expectations than a yes-man response. It would have saved me the $115 application fee plus a lot of time, effort, and getting my hopes up. Not impressed. I have a line on another possibility, I'll hopefully see this week if it'll pan out. Fingers are crossed, but this time I'm a lot more skeptical.


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