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Saturday, November 30, 2013

And the deck

So Jay, who is awesome, finished the deck while I was up in Canada a while back:

Another thing I've been meaning to put in here is the awesomeness of dried mushrooms.  A couple of the blogs I follow have talked about dried shiitakes, so I went online to look for some (the joys of living in a small city in the northern states is that you can't get anything but the very ordinary through local shops).  But all I could find was dried porcinis, so that's what I got.  And they smell amazing.  I made some glorified Mr. Noodle soup (rather, Asian style soup that you add a pack of cheap noodles to) and it was delicious.  But then I added some to rice when it was cooking and was underwhelmed.  Not really any flavour added.  So I'll save them for soup and stuff.  Or just for sniffing, because when I open the bag it smells like drooling.  The rather amusing part is that on the bag of mushrooms it has a quality rating system.  I got Grade A, which I thought was good, but is evidently only one step up from kibble.  Hooray!  I feel classy.

The other thing I've been wanting to put here for posterity is this homemade deodorant I've been using for the past few months.  By the way, Mom, you're supposed to rub it in like a lotion.  I rub it around on two fingertips for a bit first to get the coconut oil warmed up.  It's worked not too bad so far.  I haven't worn it in hot summer weather, but for fall/winter it's been working quite well so far.  The recipe says to optionally add a few drops of essential oils, but I don't generally like powerful perfumey scents, so I added almond flavouring.  It's an oil.  Right?  Yeah, I'm only a little strange.  And tasty!


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