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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Yoshi update

I was just looking back through my last few posts, my last update about Yoshi was a while ago.  He's now grown a lot and is bigger than Roly.  He's also turned out to be a medium hair kitty.  His armpit hair is super long, and he has tufts of fluff sticking out half an inch between his back toes.  His tail, which is really long, is very soft and fluffy.  He likes to play with feather toys like the one behind his head there, is pretty cuddly, and loves sleeping on the end of the bed if we leave the door open at night.  Other than stealing the other cats' food and trying to play or cuddle with them constantly (Roly doesn't want Yoshi within reach, and Gizzie will play most of the time but doesn't really want to cuddle with him), he's a really good kitty.
Yoshi's fluffy belly


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