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Monday, September 08, 2014

Stop - kitten time

One of the other things we did this summer was get another cat.  A guy at work found a stray cat with 3 kittens in his back yard, and we're suckers so we said we'd take one.  The one that colour coordinated best with ours was a grey stripey one.  We named him Yoshi, and he's fitting into our household pretty well.

He gets along with our other cats pretty well.  They play a lot more gently with him than they do with each other, and they cave to his pushy kitten demands.  He bullies them away from their food bowls before they're half done, but they've figured out that he only eats about his share so they can come back later to finish eating what they want.

This is Yoshi when we first got him:

This is him now:

And this is him on my head:


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