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Thursday, May 15, 2014

I amuse me

I just caught the title of a draft post from a long time ago, in a land far far away.  It was called "We have a time clock at work where we log how much time we spend doing what.  Unfortunately, the duties are set.  How am I supposed to log my hour of Being Angry?"  This is so true, every once in a while.  It happened again the other day, where I got stressed over something that really wasn't worth it.  I'm over it now, but some days I spend a lot of time with angry thoughts.  Now that I'm in a much less stressful environment though, it's a lot easier to brush it off with some perspective.  In the words of Wil Wheaton, "It's important to be easily amused."

'Kay, so (queso), things that have happened: One, we got this car.

The one in the background.  About 2.5 months ago.  It's shiny.  I'd never owned a brand new vehicle before.  Lately, we've been leaning towards buying new, or almost new, due to trust issues.  With a used vehicle you never know where it's been.  You don't know how it's been treated, if the maintenance has been done, if things that broke were replaced in a timely fashion.  We don't want to deal with that, especially down here in the land of suing everyone and their dog for no apparent reason.  It's also a large city, where most people don't seem to know how to do things for themselves, so I kind of assume they don't know if/when to fix their cars.  I'm kind of an ass that way.

We also got the motorcycle, the one in the foreground.  It wasn't new, but it's shiny, in a matte paint sort of way.  I've even gone on a couple rides with Jay to try to tame my fear of dying.  It's definitely helped that we didn't die so far.  It's also got much better visibility than a car, seeing as how there's no outer shell, so it's easier to shoulder check.  I'm a much quieter backseat driver on the motorcycle, partly because nobody can hear my complaining, and partly because I don't want to distract the driver and die.  I'm all about the not dying.

We've been busy doing things around the house and yard (we weren't for a while, Jay had hurt his foot and I was lazy out of ... sympathy?  Something like that) the last couple days.  Jay finished the grouting (only 4 months! Although I shouldn't talk, the half painted shed outside is looking at me) and put door/drawer pulls on the kitchen cabinets.  It helps that I no longer have to maniacally claw at the sticky cutlery drawer in order to get a spoon.  Also, I get to keep some dignity.  Very important.  I trimmed the dead branches off the tree out front, cleaned the bathrooms, and spray-painted the flower-things that will go on the light fixture we got a couple months ago.  It's one of these, but with less boring white.  See?  It's a work in progress.

We also went on a quick trip to Canada over Easter.  We had fun with my family for a couple days, then Jay's Dad's 60th birthday, then extended my visa for a few more months.  That was the big point of the trip for me, so I can continue to be here legally.  It's fun not being in jail!  At least I'm assuming, never having been.  I'd like to keep it that way.


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    I couldn't locate the insert picture. I liked the light fixture.



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