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Monday, May 26, 2014

Woah, another post. Slow down there, crazy.

We were rather productive this weekend. On Saturday we went with a couple friends to the Dallas zoo.  There were animals.  We took so many pictures that the camera threatened to die, at which point we switched to iPhone pics.  For the record, our camera takes much better pictures.  

Note the extra long poofy tails on these monkeys:
See you later, alligator.  In a while, albino crocodile:  
More crazy monkeys:
Blue frogs!

Those are a few of the pictures from my phone.  We only saw maybe half the zoo before Jay and I had enough, we'll have to go back to finish sometime.

In other news, we wired in and put up our fawncy massive light fixture yesterday.  Since our entryway is 19' tall, we rented some scaffolding.

The result is purty and much brighter.  The blue isn't terribly obvious when the light is on, but during the day it looks awesome, if I do say so myself:
Just the fixture:
And at night it's a lit up dandelion:

We also changed out a few other light fixtures - one replaced by a fan to cool off the upstairs living room; the one over the dining table that was just ugly; and the light portion of the fan in our bedroom that would only take a 30W non-CFL bulb.  Our bedroom was ultra-romantic before (read: very dark), now it's nice and bright.  I'm a big fan of adequate lighting.

And we did some clothes shopping, which was long overdue.  We both tend to shop in spurts, with long periods of time where we wear what we have till it's kind of shabby.  Also, most of our clothes were more suited to northern climates, we both really needed some more summery stuff.  I could still use another dress/skirt and a couple nicer work shirts, but that can wait a bit. 


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