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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Birthday funnin'

I was out at the farm this weekend, it was M's birthday. She's a great kid, so much fun. One of her llamas had a baby the morning of her birthday. Much better than my birthday a couple years ago where my sister-in-law J had a baby.

So we went over to R and J's place for dinner, and I got yet another chance to corrupt young relations. Gods knows why I'm allowed around children, or heavy machinery, or even the remote. But who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?

C, who is nearing 2 years of age, just upgraded to a big kid bed (translation: a mini version of a real bed), so she was quite pleased with herself. I should really remember to carry a camera, there was a lot of amusing hand clasping, and grinning with mouth open and eyes closed. So of course she was showing her bed off to all and sundry. And each person, besides seeing the bed, was required to read the book that was on it. So she got several versions of the story of a puppy. Monotony doesn't seem to apply to children. Pity, that.


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