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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

On vacation yet again

Another in my series of vacations this year. I'm in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. I really like Ottawa as a city. It's diverse, there's a large population of students with two universities existing here, and it's gorgeous. Especially in the fall. I'm hoping to be able to get over to Gatineau Park across the river as W hasn't seen it, but without a car we might not have that luxury.

W wants to have a big Thanksgiving dinner, I'm assuming he'll ask over some of the people he knows or has met here. I know there are a couple U of R students here too, they'll probably be included in the general mishmash, knowing W. He wants the whole shi-bang, with a turkey and the works, potatoes, cabbage rolls, perogies, and a couple roast children to round things out. Mmm, real food...

Ostensibly I'm also here to apply for jobs. The thing is though, most companies will take resumes online, is it really worth copying a bunch of resumes and going door-to-door? Hey, if it was at the end of this month I could ask for candy too. Do people who walk around and do it get better results? I might wander around a bit, but I came woefully unprepared to do that, as I only brought a few resumes. Sad little resumes too, when it comes down to it. I think I need to revamp it yet again. Sigh.


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