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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Ingredients for a bad day

- having a sinus headache all day from stress and also from crying last night
- an excessively busy day at work.
- standing in line for what seemed hours before giving the university far more of my hard-earned money than I can really afford at this point
- being late back from lunch because of it
- due to taking a bigger backpack that wasn't as well-equipped as the usual one, forgetting to take a writing utensil to class and therefore missing the important points
- forgetting to take a writing utensil to class and therefore not being able to write down the partial answer to the assignment question presented in class
- having to hand in my lame unfinished assignment, after having asked the stupidest question possible, in the stupidest possible way, at the beginning of class
- having to run the slide show and doing it badly
- for the same reason that I forgot to take a writing utensil, forgetting the CD for my little sister
- being tired and grouchy because I'm me
- going to photocopy music after being tired and grouchy and not having had supper
- remembering as I write this that I still have to practice for choir and start my new assignment


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