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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

No really, I'm going with the faking of the death again

So I got back on Sunday night from a trip to maul my honey, also known as a "vacation". Which I desperately needed, to say the least. So after a week's worth of sitting around doing SFA, I had to come back. I've been sleeping really badly for about the past week and a half, so this whole jet lag thing just wasn't doing it for me. But last night I got 8 hours of sleep (hallelujah). It hasn't improved my writing ability, but it sure put me in a better mood. And I remembered that I have this blog thing. You know, the one I don't write in much? Oh, and also I have the assignment from hell due tomorrow, the one I only had a chance to look at yesterday morning. The plethora of other things I have to take care of has been pushing it aside quite efficiently. But I started some preliminary work for it, so it's already better than nothing. Oh yes, and I have a day off work this week. Let us all give a moment of silence for this auspicious occasion. Or perhaps just an hour of sleeping in, that'll do.

Hmm, maybe this post would have made more sense if I'd written it as one run-on sentence.


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