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Monday, March 07, 2005

Sorry, I've been trying to fake my own death to the internet

And also I have a really bad sense of time. To know when to water the plants, I ask myself the simple question, "Did I water the plants yesterday?" If the answer is No, then it's time to water the plants. Because I don't really remember beyond yesterday, so the last plant-watering session could have been up to a week ago. You see what I mean?

I was trying to have a nap when I was out at the farm yesterday. My 5-year old nephew was over. He was going to have a nap as well. In theory, kind of like communism. So what he actually did was start climbing over me, running in and out of the room, closing the door in between each foray. Each time he lay down beside me he'd mutter something like "Be mine" in a sinister and threatening voice. Seems he ate too many valentine candy hearts, the kind with words written on them, the night before. And while muttering, he'd proceed to drag my arm around him, once or twice mumbling something about having to cuddle, but having to leave because we weren't married. Then he'd disappear for a minute or two before coming back to repeat the performance. It was kind of like being in a creepy valentine's horror take-off of the movie Groundhog Day.

Be mine...


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