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Thursday, September 15, 2005

I don't think yesterday was my day

A lot of them seem to be shaping up that way lately. I'm making a cake tonight though, maybe that will make up for it. I can always hope.

Not all though. I went for coffee with M on Tuesday, we had a good time. She and her man are building a house down in the General Hospital area. And they're putting a bachelor suite in the basement, so I'm hoping to move in there once they've finished. I'm rather excited to have my own place. I've been thinking about it lately, but I didn't want to have to pay rent on two places if I found a place I liked. Plus I'm happier about putting my money into the house of someone I know, rather than some big corporate renting..thingy.. that didn't go where I was planning. Anyways, on with our story. Even if they've already found someone to take the place, unbeknownst to M, I'd kind of like the apartment they're in right now. It's a 1-bedroom on the top floor right across from the hospital, which isn't exactly my choicest location, but the place makes up for it. Hardwood floors and tons of storage space. The biggest drawback is that the place is kitty corner to one of my ex's. I guess I can always get a big stick. The other reason it would be good is that I can find out when they're giving their notice, and see if I could get in there in time to give notice myself.

That kept going on and on. Thanks for letting me talk.


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