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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Quotes galore

I got set up on a date this afternoon by my roommate. I mentioned that I didn't have anyone to go down to the festivities with, since my boyfriend ditched me today to go out with other friends. So she called J, a mutual friend, who also had nothing to do, and asked if he'd want to go. After he agreed, she quickly added that she wasn't going to be there.

So we went down to the Saskatchewan centennial celebration stuff that was happening in Wascana park and had a great time. We watched the last few heats of the dragon boat races, which neither of us had seen before. As H said, it gets pretty boring after a bit, but we had a good talk. We laughed at the commenter's amusing ramblings, and his explanation that he'd been there since 7:04am, or "before stupid early". Once those were done, we wandered through the park for a while, just talking.

We went over to the Legislative Building to see the light show that was supposed to start at dusk. My mom went the other day and said that it ran every half hour starting at 8:00. We had been waiting about half an hour when they turned some purple lights on with the SK flag in the middle, so we thought it was supposed to start. About 15 minutes after that they changed it to a swirling many-legged thing beside the centennial logo. Another 10 minutes after that it changed back to the original. My favorite quote while there: "It was supposed to start at dusk. Dusk happened a long time ago." My next favorite quote, by a little boy who had also been waiting about an hour: "Mom, when is it done?"

There was an ongoing concert near the museum, so we heard bits of Jack Semple, Jason Plumb, Kyle Riabko (who sounds a lot like Wide Mouth Mason), and Tom Cochrane. It was a very laid-back concert. I thought Jack Semple and Jason Plumb were the best. Kyle Riabko was just oddly like Wide Mouth Mason. I had it in my head that the lead singer from Wide Mouth Mason was going to be playing, so I wasn't all that surprised until I heard his name announced after he left the stage. Bizarre.

Tom Cochrane disappointed me a lot. I saw him when he was in Regina about 10 years ago, and he was great back then. Now he's old and crazy, and can't really sing any more. Since he can't hit the high notes, and runs out of breath quite easily, he has to do a lot of improvising. Which would be fine, except that listening to a sick cat squalling around is painful. I need to pick up his albums now, to erase the terrible memories he just created tonight. I love Tom Cochrane and all, just not his voice as it stands today.

My other favorite quote from the night, as we were sitting around waiting for Tom Cochrane to come out, from the middle of some random people walking by: "You know, if you had a gun, you could really stalk people."


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