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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

With the babies and all

My roommate hosted a baby shower for her sister's munchkin last night. She's right, he's getting kind of ET-ish. He finally overtook his birth weight (turns out babies lose weight after being born. Lately I've learned all kinds of things I wished I never knew about babies and popping them out), but he's still got skinny limbs and is top-heavy. Babies are funny-looking. I'll never understand people who think babies are cute. No offense to anyone who does, I just don't understand them. If you think babies are cute, go change a few diapers. They're a lot cuter when they can wipe up after themselves.

We crammed about 15 people into our apartment. With food! And gifts! There was a lot of furniture rearranging and borrowing for the occasion. And K got lots of clothes for the baby, so it was all good. Plus we had a good gossip session about her various relatives. And my room got cleaned. Also stuffed full of the crap I keep shoving out into the living room, but oh well. I'm going to look like a gopher trying to empty out it's home after the grader goes by.

I've just proven how from-the-farm I am.


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