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Monday, November 28, 2005

Oh right, and the rest

Yesterday I went to the farm, my sister-in-law had the immediate extended family (my immediate family, who brought their immediate families) over for the joint birthday of myself and my niece. She turned 3. My little sister had called Courtney on the actual day to wish her happy birthday:
M: Hi Courtney.
C(in a shrill little girl voice): Happy birthday! It's my birthday!
M: Yes.. Happy birthday...

While innocently sitting on the couch, I became a human slide. Courtney and Jaden started sliding down my body, since it was on an angle anyways. Jaden had on wind pants so he could go pretty far, but Courtney was wearing cotton. Three-year-olds don't pick up on subtleties though, so she thought it was great. I've made the amazing discovery that having children jump onto you from a standing position on the couch cushions isn't very comfortable, even if they're scrawny little kids.


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