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Monday, December 05, 2005

Born to be w... oh wait, this is me

I had my voice lesson on Friday instead of Saturday this week, as my voice teacher was too busy. I kind of wanted to have one though, as I sang in a recital on Saturday afternoon. I think I have too much voice for the venue now. It's a fairly small room with great acoustics, so I had the feeling that I was blasting everyone. Those pooooor people.

Then Heather asked me to a christmas party with some of the girls she used to work with in the evening. The chick who hosted it, Laura, was an ex-roommate of an ex-boyfriend of mine. Her friends all knew my ex, and I'd kind of broken up with him a couple times, so I wasn't sure how my reception would be. It ended up being good though, and the girls are hilarious, so we had a good time.

Then we went to the bar. I haven't been to a bar in about a year, maybe more. I'm getting old. Not that I ever went to the bar much in the day anyways. I forgot how creepy it is to be hit on by guys at the bar. I'm pretty obvious about not wanting to be hit on though, so I don't have too many problems. Especially since we were at JD's - Just Dirty's to you non-Regina folks. Anyone who goes there, in the words of Heather, are skeezy. But I talked to a couple guys from the short job deviation at CGI, and one of them told me to email him, so it may have been a good thing. We'll see.

Sunday I woke up early, since I'd only gotten to bed at 2 the night before. Damn you, farmer genes. So I went back to bed at 10:30 and slept till noon-ish, then went to pick up my wallet and stuff from Laura's. I didn't feel as bad since they were all still in bed too. I'm definitely getting old, my head felt like it was full of fuzz all day. Not too bright fuzz. I shouldn't be allowed to try to interact with people when my head is full of fuzz.

I must have had fuzz in my head last week, because I already gave notice at my apartment but the new place won't be ready before Christmas now. I was starting to panic, but I can stay with my honey's mom or my older sister, so I'm not as worried. I just have to worry about where to put all of the crap I've accumulated. I'm happily gifting some of the furniture to Heather, so I won't have to cart it all around.

In the afternoon I went for tea with Megan, co-owner of the house I'll be moving into sometime next year. We had a really good talk, wandered through the house which now has a lot more done than the last time I saw it (the basement layout was sort of there, so I could see walls and stuff!), so I feel a lot better about moving. When I saw it last, I started to panic about the lack of estimated space. However, this trip was a lot better. I'm getting excited again.

I also baked a cake last night, using my snazzy new tree-shaped cake pan. And then forgot to bring it to work today. I'm good.


  • At 10:05 a.m., Blogger Gilly said…

    Well you are welcome to our house if you are stuck .. so dont worry, you wont freeze to death.

  • At 12:46 p.m., Blogger Amy said…

    Thanks hun. And then you'd get free baby sitting! It's win-win.


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