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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

You can now officially call me Ratty

I went and got my hair cut today, for the first time in months. I was going to include before and after pictures, but it's hard to find pictures of straw on the internet. If you're me, anyways. Now, however, I am sporting the popular "drowned rat" look. The chick straightened my hair after cutting it. She asked me if I'd had it straightened before (I have) and then said "Isn't it nice?" Well, no, not really. I'd call it more a big fat waste of my time. But hey, what do I know about style? So I let her rat me up. It doesn't look too bad, I just look like I was, say, walking through monsoon rains in Malaysia.




  • At 1:00 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Where are my pictures?

  • At 1:25 p.m., Blogger Amy said…

    I'll try to remember to post some tonight after work.

  • At 7:51 p.m., Blogger Gilly said…

    not worth the money spent.

    before photo looks better.. not a fan of rats.. but I guess thats what the kids listen to nowadays .. with their loud gettoblasters and crazy brick hairdos

  • At 9:47 a.m., Blogger Amy said…

    Agreed. Crazy brick.

  • At 8:22 p.m., Blogger mÄ“gan said…

    ooh, very shtylish.
    and I quite enjoyed your struggle to find straw on the internet. May I draw a cartoon about it?


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