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Saturday, July 15, 2006

oh right

I forgot, I should post about our Saskatoon trip. I went with Mom, Dad, and Megan to see my little brother's new house and Dustin's new condo. We had a good old time hanging out, visiting with Dustin's parents and older brother, and going on a riverboat tour.

Kerry's house is really nice. It's a good size (3 bedroom), has pretty decent flooring throughout, and is fairly open. He doesn't have a lot of furniture yet, but doesn't really want a lot either. The yard is small and not terribly exciting, but it's good enough for what he wants. He plans to put in a fire pit and move some of the trees around. I'm jealous. I need to get me a house.

Dustin's condo is awesome. Two bedroom apartment style, fireplace and 2nd floor balcony, and everything's been fixed up. The only drawback is the neighbourhood, which is a bit dodgy. It's still better than the area I'm living in though.


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