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Friday, February 16, 2007

Post-Valentine's Day

Mumsy sent me a valentine, and a card written in sparkly pen. It amuses me. I think it's a better idea than sending christmas cards. I see family at christmas, so the cards don't mean a whole lot. A talkative, this-is-what's-happening-with-me card in February though, all good. Maybe I'll start my own tradition. Soon maybe, or at least next year.


  • At 5:45 p.m., Blogger mēgan said…

    I got one too! But mine was dated "March 11."

  • At 5:57 p.m., Blogger Amy said…

    Mine was too, but I didn't get it till yesterday. So it counts, or something. I was going to send some quilted heart-y cards to those childies, but then it was too late by the time I thought of it. So they got nothing. Nothing!

  • At 4:59 p.m., Blogger mēgan said…

    Nono, she wrote "March 11" in the card. March!

  • At 5:03 p.m., Blogger Amy said…

    Oooohhhhhh, I get it. You know, once you explain the joke. Mine said Feb 12/11, so she must have figured it out at some point.


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