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Friday, November 16, 2007

AIEEEEE! (flaps hands frantically)

I'm so excited. Jay got me a sewing machine for my birthday! It does sewing and embroidery, and hooks up to the puter for embroidering designs, and it's all fancy. It was on Ebay for $550, but I'm pretty sure it's worth about $3000 or so. A Singer, and brand spanking new, baby. I'm all excited to get it now, I hope it comes soon. Then I won't have to fight as much with the quilt for Kerry and Lisette. And I have ideas and stuff! It's awesome (shrill Jaden squeak)!

Updated: Oh. I guess it wasn't a deal, we paid what it's worth. But it's still cool, and I'm still excited. I'll probably be somewhat less excited when it gets here and I have to pay tax and shipping and stuff. Oh well.


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