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Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm getting less tolerant of idiots the older I get. My uncle was right when he said that people don't change as they get older, they just become more concentrated. People think I'm joking when I say I'm a bitter old man, but I'm actually serious. If you say things in a laid-back manner, people don't believe you. I capitalize on that frequently as I have an aversion to lying. Therapy doesn't always have to sound like therapy, I just like to get things off my chest.

I'm in training right now and it's making me twitchy. At first I thought it was the after-effects of missing my honey, but then I described my trainer to Jay. He agreed with my assessment, so now I don't feel nearly as bad about my constant high level of annoyance. At least now Jay should be able to come visit me as planned. He's been in the hospital for the past week with an infection that was masquerading as kidney stones. Turns out he just has weirdly-placed organs which screwed up the doctor's diagnosis. I'm already making plans to go places while he's here, we're renting a car so NO WALKING! Although it is good exercise. Sweaty sticky exercise.


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