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Saturday, October 10, 2015

And on with our story

This summer we went back home to my cousin's wedding.  She lived a couple miles from us growing up, I used to babysit her and her siblings.  It was a pretty big wedding, held on their farm, and I got to visit with a lot of family and neighbours.  It's always nice to see everyone again but I'm not a big fan of weddings.  Too many people, I find it overwhelming.  Plus there's usually dancing and I don't like dancing.  I feel like an idiot.  I'm aware that I look idiotic doing most things, but when I'm dancing I FEEL like an idiot, makes it that much worse.

My nephew broke his collarbone again jumping on the trampoline at the morning-after breakfast and had to be rushed to the hospital.  I felt really bad for his sister, she's a tenderhearted person and felt responsible even though it wasn't her fault at all, so she was crying some.  She's such a sweet kid.  He was back playing with his cousins a few hours later, a bit subdued but still having fun.

Jay and I got married last month.  He's in the middle of the green card process and they said it'd be easier to process mine at the same time if we were married.  So we (romantically..?) tied the knot.  I have a tendency to giggle when I'm nervous, the wedding really put that to the test.  It was just us in a courtroom and the judge told us to look at each other.  And also brought up something about god which made me want to roll my eyes (I refrained, which was almost as difficult as not giggling.  I think I need a medal or a cookie or something for that).  But it's done, so there's that.  I had to fill out a form yesterday and it asked about marital status.  I had to think about it.

We're going to plan a post-wedding do at the farm for next summer.  At least I assume that some day we'll get around to working on it.  We have a plan but have been busy getting some other things done so haven't actually gotten around to doing anything concrete.  For example, we finally got almost all of the green card stuff done (had to get a ream of shots and a medical, plus a whole whack of paperwork).  Not sure how long it'll be before we hear the verdict though.

We are currently busy working on redoing the shower in our master bathroom.  The grout was worn out when we bought the house and we hadn't even used it.  The grout lines were super small, we couldn't even fit a grout knife in to refresh it so we tore it out.  So it should have been easy, just replace the tiles and get on with our lives, except the concrete underneath came too.  Plus the cement board backing on the walls.  And we wanted to replace the lovely gold fixture too, which meant adjusting the plumbing for the valve which was just different enough that we couldn't reuse it.  So last month we re-cemented the floor, Jay redid the wallboard and waterproofed, and last weekend we tiled the shampoo niches and the floor.

We saw some multicoloured slate tile on sale and picked up enough to do the floor and some accents in the shower, plus a backsplash around the sinks and soaker tub, and maybe enough to redo the floor in our back entrance.  We hope.  It's so pretty.  As we were tiling, we kept remarking stuff in that vein as we put them up.  It's definitely a lot more work than we were expecting though.  As usual.  We're kind of dumb, we forget how old we are and how hard it is to get on our knees, and how much physical labour is involved in things.  Don't worry, it's just a shower, we redid the entire house in Canada, how hard can it be?  Le sigh.  Here's the in-progress pictures so far:

floor and niche
first wall mostly done


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