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Saturday, October 10, 2015

In my defense, I have tried to post

The last few times I went to post, I was using the Blogger app since I was on mobile devices.  Turns out if you switch apps and then try to go back, the app reloads (older iPads) and loses all your typing.  And if you only post sporadically, you forget that, so you do it multiple times before it sinks in.  The last time, I had been typing for half an hour.  I have now sworn off the stupid Blogger app forever.  

Anywho bunny, I've done things since I last posted, things I tell you!  At least I assume so, or I wouldn't have tried to post multiple times.

So.  Cruise that I mentioned last time.  We went with some friends on a Carnival cruise that stopped in Key West and the Bahamas.  It was okay but just reaffirmed to me that I'm not that into cruises, at least with Carnival.  It's mostly about spending money on their ship drinking and gambling.  On a ship filled with people.  Nobody likes people.  The older I get, the more I've realized that I don't like crowds.  What can I say, I'm old people.  Get off my lawn!

We had been to Key West before, so we did a water adventure thing where we went parasailing, banana boating (I was way too old for this, it was really hard and everything hurt afterwards), swimming, and then jetskiing (well, I didn't, I hurt my knee swimming and felt ill so skipped out, but Jay said the jetskis were fast and fun).  Parasailing was amazing.  I had expected it to be windy and scary, but it was super calm and the view was amazing.  It was so quiet up there that Jay and I had a conversation without even raising our voices.  I would definitely do that again.

Our next stop was Freeport in the Bahamas, where our original shore activity got rained out.  So we went on a bus tour of Freeport.  It's really run down and there's not much to do.  It's basically there so Carnival can have an extra stop and get people to shell out money to do touristy crap.

Our third stop was in Nassau in the Bahamas.  We did an underwater individual sub "adventure" where they sent you down in an underwater motorized scooter with a diving tank that pushed air into the sub helmet.  Mine did not work properly.  The motorized scooter worked okay, but the air system wasn't working properly and I had to pop my ears every time I took a breath.  Frankly, I was terrified I was going to die the entire time.  Others on the tour complained of similar problems, plus scooters that weren't working (all of them had lived a long hard life and were barely hanging on).  One girl said the air system was working so poorly all she could hear was a high pitched squeal the entire time, plus hers was bucking up and down so badly in the currents that it made her extremely seasick.  The boat was very top heavy and tossed around so much on the waves that nearly everyone was seasick anyways.  We were glad to get back to the ship.

There have been other things too.  I'll post this for now though so that it doesn't disappear into the Blogger void.  


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