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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Where did that last 6 months go?

Hi people!  If there are any people left.  So I started this post a while ago, and things have since changed, but I'll leave that for my next post.  (Late) update from a couple months ago:

So, things have been going along approximately like normal.  I work in oilfield, so lots of layoffs have happened.  Turns out it's an opportunity to learn things! Because you have to, what with all the people gone and all their work to do!  Unfortunately, now I'm the only one who knows how to do some things.  I pretty much always have a pile of things that I don't have time to do.  I mean, I always used to, but now the pile is even larger and more varied than it used to be.  It'll look good on my resume, or so I tell myself.

To add to the feeling of not getting enough done, this past weekend Jay had ear surgery.  Just like last time, I forgot that I wouldn't have time during the surgery to get things done.  We also completely forgot to get his prescriptions filled beforehand, so I ran out during the surgery to do that.  Added to that, there were minor complications - his IV came out of the vein during surgery and his hand puffed up HUGE so they kept him in for extended recovery.  Good news is there were no lasting issues.  But the surgery unexpectedly took up the entire day, plus we'd been up early which threw off my sleep schedule, so I didn't get a lot done over the remainder of the weekend besides napping and trying to make Jay comfortable-ish.  Jay's anesthesiologist was able to get his wake-up cocktail right though, so Jay didn't have the extended grogginess and nausea that he's had previously, and his recovery since has been going really well (knock on wood).  Plus now I have a house husband for a few days!  Who is recovering and sleepy and can't lift things, so is pretty much useless.  But he's cute, so I'll keep him.

In other news, it's the nicest time of year here in Texas, everything is green.  My garden is doing pretty well now that we've had a bunch of rain - I picked the first 4 beans a couple days ago, there's a tomato growing, and one of my corn plants is a foot tall.  I had to let the arugula I planted in the fall go to seed because it was taking too much effort to pick all the flowers off every day.  The swiss chard I planted last spring is still going strong too.  I started some asparagus this year and it's doing pretty well, I'm excited for next year when I'll be able to harvest some.  I also planted a peach tree, which was my biggest goal for living here (yep, even the dreams are bigger in Texas).

Shower status: it's ongoing.  This is, as always, our biggest issue - if there's no pressing need for it, renovations take forever.  It takes a lot of time because we don't do this very often, and so we don't want to do it, so we put it off, which makes it even harder to get back into working on it.  Did I mention it seems hard?  It's not really, we're just old people, mostly in the knees.  But it is going.  The tile is so pretty.   SO PRETTY.  And it'll be awesome once it's done.  Some day.  


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