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Monday, August 23, 2004

Blah blah work blah blah blah

So a buddy of mine (www.ambiguo.org - go check him out) mentioned a few days ago that he was making his five-year plan. At the time my reaction was, "Ha! I don't even have a five-minute plan!"

But then I got to thinking about it, and maybe that's the problem with my life right now. I don't have a plan. I have no big ambitions. The only thing I really want to do with my life in the near future is go see Great Big Sea when they come to Regina in a couple months. And since I already paid for the tickets, I'm well on my way to realizing that plan. And it's not that I'm satisfied with my place in life. I'm patently not. No, I don't really have a patent on that, it's not part of my five-year plan.

So how does one go about making a five-year plan? I'm applying for jobs, but I have a bad habit of never expecting things to work out. It's funny, how when you expect things to not work out, that they tend to not work out. I think it's karma (or, in my case, lack thereof). I want to start taking voice lessons again so that eventually I'll be able to teach, but I'm not really into the whole learning thing anymore. And I don't really have the ambition or motivation to force myself to get up and do things. I need my parents to push me into doing things again. It's odd, in high school I got up and motivated myself. Even into the beginning of university and just after I graduated I could go out and get things done. But now I have the figurative piano tied to my ass. And I don't know how to remove it. Piano scissors, anyone?


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