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Monday, October 11, 2004

Back from vacation (yet again)

I'm back from Ottawa. It's so pretty there in the fall. I even got a couple purty maple leaves. I wanted more, but there wasn't really any place to put them. Sigh, so much prettiness, so little time.

Had a bunch o' fun though, went downtown and got a couple pictures of the funky fern tree/bush things and the parliament buildings, and wandered through the Byward Market. They have cheap veggies there now. Mmm, taste the cheapness. And trips to MEC and Ikea were had, and good times had by all. I was even able to curb my spending, which is amazing and good. Probably because I now own a lot of kitchen stuff and don't have room for any more furniture, and also don't really need any more comfy/sports clothes or accessories. Not that I wouldn't like them, but I have no money.

I also saw J, who hired me for my last couple of work terms, and had a good visit with him and his family. They were waiting around for his wife to pop, she's due with their third munchkin right now. They have cute little kids, both red-headed.

We caught a football game, the Riders versus the Ottawa Renegades, so we decked out in Rider colours and gear. Not as much as A, who went through engineering with me, and who I hadn't seen in a long time. She and a couple of her friends had shiny Rider jerseys. I like shiny.

W and I also made a big turkey dinner. I don't know how my mom does it, I got everything cooked, but it didn't all come out at the same time. So there was some microwaving of food at the time of eating. And lots of leftovers. It's a good thing W eats more than I do. Even so, he'll probably be eating turkey for the rest of the week. Turkey boy.

Alright, nuff for now.


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