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Monday, October 31, 2005

lately and stuff

I haven't turned my puter on lately, to account for the lack of posts. And also I haven't felt like writing much, or doing anything creative, really. The muses are elsewhere. I'm pretty good at excuses, huh?

On Saturday I went picking flooring with my friends Megan and Mark. I'll be moving into their basement suite around Christmas, or whenever their house is ready. The place is rather small, but there's a gas fireplace to heat the basement and, as I already said, they let me help pick the flooring. Actually, what really happened was this:
Mark: "I don't like making decisions, so it's up to you."
Amy: "..Um...Okay..."
Amy's Brain: "Sure crazy. (they're going to hate me forever)"

However, I came across some lino that Megan and I both really liked, and it ended up being really close to the tile that they picked out for the main floor anyways. So that was good, since they won't have to find a separate colour scheme for the suite than for their section of the house.

I saw the house plans for the first time, and also got to tour the part that's been built so far. The outside walls, siding, doors and windows are up, but the inside walls/drywall isn't in yet, and the basement is still completely bare - the floor hasn't even been cemented. But I was really glad to see that much, so I can get a feel for how much (aka little) I'll be able to fit.

The basement is 500 square feet, including the stairs, entrance, furnace room and shared laundry area. So after you take out the kitchen and bathroom, that doesn't leave a whole lot of furniture space. I'm really glad I have a single bed. The double that I also own will have to stay in storage for the time being, so that I have room to swing the cat. If I had a cat. And wasn't allergic to it. Not that I would swing it, that's pretty mean, I'm a bit too much of a softy. So, the weather's been pretty nice lately. How about those Riders?

Anyways, I've been planning out what I want to take ever since, and how I'll find a place for everything else. I think my dad's new workshop on the farm might become a fully furnished apartment with everything I'll have to stow away. To go along with the two dining room tables that are already out there, I'll have a couch set, a recliner, a bedroom suite, some shelves, an elliptical trainer that needs a tune-up, and a plant stand. And a lot of odds and ends. Oh, and my puter, so I don't know how often I'll be posting after that. Kind of like now, probably.


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