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Monday, November 10, 2008


For the past couple days I've been obsessed with pottery. I just finished an open studio pottery "class" and had signed up for the subsequent glazing class. Unfortunately, the lady who is firing the pieces told me that my low fire clay won't stand up to the temperatures that they glaze their medium fire clay at. So now I've been reading up on techniques, tools, kilns, and glazing in an effort to not feel so uninformed. I also have another reason, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share that just yet.

Most of the other people using the open studio time had recently taken a class, and were focussed on trying specific techniques or projects. I felt inept, having forgotten a goodly portion of what I learned in Regina. I've gotten into a bad habit of feeling my way through and faking it. My pieces don't look too terrible, but on closer inspection I see all the flaws. However, I did manage to come up with quite a few pieces, and the other people there complimented me on them. I'm never sure if that's politeness or if people really mean it. I do feel like it was worth the money and time though.

At any rate, I want to look into the proper way to do things. Might as well fix it before it gets worse. Forth I go to the library, to see what they have for pottery books.


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