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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yesterday was my first day of vacation. The best part of this job is definitely the 2 months of summer vacation. During which I will be working whenever I'm in Lloyd, but as I'm taking over 2 weeks of not-here time off, that's acceptable. And I won't be working 10-12 hours per day, so that's also acceptable. The plan is to work for a couple hours each day I'm around here, and hopefully get a decent amount finished before this fall.

Our summer plans are mostly finalized now. Next week we're going back home to do some camping with my family and then hang out at Jay's hometown rodeo. I'm taking a couple extra days at the farm to go through all of my crap, then it's back here. I have a month or so of work and sewing and stuff around town. In the middle of that, Jay and I are planning a bike trip out to the Rockies in a big loop. It should be interesting, because although Jay has been on a long bike trip before, I haven't. Sitting still for extended periods, for days at a time, without falling asleep, should be interesting. My fear of falling off and being crushed under a semi had better keep me going. At the end of August we're back in Regina for a couple weddings, and possibly some more camping.


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