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Friday, August 27, 2004

Random thoughts

- It was S's last day at work today. It'll be a lot quieter. And less fun, probably. She was pretty good for going around and talking to everyone. Probably the only person in the office who got along with everyone. And I'm the only girl in the technical side now. That will be odd. Although as G said, I don't just take insults, I throw them back too. We'll see how it goes. R from sales took over some of S's duties too, so there's probably not going to be much for me to learn in that area. But then he is more qualified, as he has a CS degree and she was a programmer. Ah well.

- I shouldn't play silly games for so long. Now I have a headache. But it sure did make the evening go faster.

- Liberal MP has no apology for calling U.S. missile defence supporters idiots
This makes me angry too. As far as the article goes, she didn't say anything anti-American, the statement was against the missile defense program. And I completely agree with her viewpoint. Canada is allying itself with someone who is exaggerating alleged terrorist activities and using scare tactics and lies to the media in order to keep himself in office. I see this "missile defense system" as an excuse to give Bush power over a bunch of missiles. Bush is a scary enough person to give power to in America, I don't think we should be too quick to add Canada to his list of conquests. Canada has always been a peace-keeping country. And agreeing to any kind of military maneuver with Americans is asking for trouble. More likely than not, any countries that Bush has been shoving his nose into will see a missile "defense" system as a threat.

I really don't see why the United States is allowed to have weapons of mass destruction when other countries are not. Personally, I see George Bush as a much greater threat to international peace than a lot of other countries' leaders. The States at one point supplied a good portion of these weapons to developing countries. When they point fingers, there should be a lot more pointing back at them as having added to this problem. That they go to help "solve" the problems in other countries seems to foment a lot more unrest than is put down.


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