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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I got a million dollar appliance yesterday to stop from grinding my teeth down to nothing. I had the same thing in high school, it was form-fitted to my teeth. I hadn't worn it for a couple months and my teeth moved, so I could no longer wear it without extreme mouth pain, and after a while I couldn't wear it at all. I didn't want the same thing again, and told my dentist so. My brother-in-law has the same thing from another dentist that is soft and will fit even if your teeth move. I had mentioned this to my dentist, and was told to get the dentist's name so that they could talk to him and find out more about this revolutionary new method. I did so, and heard nothing back.

So, my new appliance is form-fitted and very thin. The reason I got the damn thing is because my teeth are ground down, and I don't want to end up with half my teeth being half as tall as the rest, like my mom's. He said we'll monitor, and "if" I'm still grinding my teeth then they may have to make something else. Money grubbing ass. I'm switching dentists. I don't mind so much having to pay for it, but when he didn't listen to me at all, didn't look into the option I gave, and then gave me something that I expressly didn't want, it really pissed me off. No wonder he doesn't seem to have much business.


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