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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Again with the la la la

I found out this week that the recital I'm singing in will not be attended by my voice teacher. I was rather relieved. Not that I don't like him, or don't want him to hear me, but he kind of intimidates me. Not by being mean, or critical, or particularly tall - just by being.

I'm a perfectionist, for most things. Everything that I do has to be perfect, as well as most things other people do. I try to repress it because it can get really frustrating and depressing, but it still manages to leak out around the edges.

I'm going to be much less stressed once all this singing folderol is over. Then I can go back to being a rather lazy bum. Oh, and the finishing of the christmas presents.


So I took a class in painting wildflowers using the one stroke method the other day. It turned out to be good fun, despite my snickering at the name of the class. And I learned stuff. So now I want to paint things. Which will be part of the central theme of my christmas gifts for next year. Until I forget what I wanted to do, that is. So for approximately the next three days or so. It will be a lovely dream while it lasts.


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